Before the coronavirus pandemic climate prophet Greta Thunberg proclaimed it was man-made climate change we would all die from. Climate alarmism was all the rage with professional protestors demanding immediate decarbonization and climate emergency to be declared by governments around the western world.

In this episode of the report, Richard discusses the emergence of the anti-Greta Naomi Seibt, a 19-year-old German climate realist injecting some sanity into the climate change debate. Richard makes the case for smart green and environmentalism, not extreme destructive action.

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Before the coronavirus pandemic and global shutdown a geopolitical development that occurred was the United States pivoting away from China and towards India in Asia. In late February President Donald Trump visited India to meet Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

In this episode of the report, Richard comments on the electric reception Trump received where he was treated as the new Taj of India. Modi like Trump is a nationalist and with India’s culture still heavily influenced by its previous membership of the British Empire a new warm bilateral relationship could blossom between the two nations.

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In this episode of the Report, Richard begins by trying to explain how the fears of the coronavirus has resulted in the Australian toilet paper panic in our supermarkets.

The building on his previous report on the coronavirus Richard comments if the virus is by design or evolution. Is it another plot by the globalists or simply an uncontrollable biological phenomenon.

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In this episode of the Report, Richard reviews the book Catch and Kill by Ronan Farrow about the obstacles he faced in the mainstream media about exposing now-convicted rapist and sex offender former Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein’s crimes.

Richard also discusses Weinstein’s use of Black Cube a firm of private investigators used to intimate and silence his accusers. Black Cube was founded by former intelligence officials in the Israeli Defence Force.

In Part 1 of this special episode of the report on Australia’s current bushfire seasons Richard explores whether they may be other forces, such as the globalist elite are behind the bushfires and the burning of Australia. As opposed to the causes that have been reported on in the media and debated on social media.

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