2020 has seen the invasion of the Karens. Middle-aged entitled white women who enjoy yelling and belittling people who don’t heed to how they think they should conduct themselves. In retail settings, Karen is the woman to ask to see the manager. Richard explains in this episode of the Report how the coronavirus pandemic with masks and social distancing has seen Karens act as defacto lockdown enforcers.


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In this episode of the Report from lockedowned Melbourne Richard puts forward the proposition that we are already in World War Three through a new type of Asymmetrical World Warfare.

The coronavirus pandemic and its global devastation is still the prime example of this new type of biological warfare with still strong evidence pointing that its release came from a bioweapons lab in Wuhan, China where COVID-19 was born.


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In this episode of the Report, Richard goes through three aspects of the coronavirus pandemic which Melbourne is now in the grips of a second wave.

He focuses on what he calls Micro Obedience Psy Op, getting people to obey social distancing through the dots in the supermarket. The Black Lives Matter rallies contribution to the second wave, and that containment measures should be and should have always been on protecting and quarantining the vulnerable in the community.


The Chinese born coronavirus has shut down the world and decimated national economies. In another episode of the Report from Lockdown Richard discusses that a post-pandemic world needs to be a post-China world. Australia has become far too dependent on China and allowed them to purchase and export much of Australia resources and agriculture. We should be following Trump’s recent pivot to India and take advantage of post-Brexit trade opportunities.


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