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NZ Speaker Trevor Mallard gets himself ready for duck season, in the Australian federal election campaign Anthony Albanese is ducking from the media, both nations are facing a cost of living crisis, and will the end of Roe v Wade have a downstream effect on the Tasman nations? Join Tim Wilms and Dieuwe de Boer on Trad Tasman Talk.

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Victoria has recorded its first ‘flurona’ death, there is a nationwide push for the elderly to receive their 2nd booster or ‘winter dose’ and everybody to get a flu jab. The ACT has removed vax mandates for teachers and healthcare workers but Victoria still has broad worker vax mandates. In NZ the border is still not fully open to the world and mask mandates continue in retail. Siouxsie Wiles warned on Twitter that removing mask mandates will cause long covid.

Due to the leaked draft US Supreme Court decision overturning Roe vs Wade and returning abortion legislative authority to the states the progressives again know the definition of a “Woman”. Feminists have also dusted off their “My body, my choice” signs which were in storage during the vaxx mandates.

The NZ cost of living crisis continues with inflation at 7% and rising interest rates to counter it cooling off the housing market. MyFoodBag cleavage scandal that for some reason involves the PM commenting on it. Australia is now catching up with the Reserve Bank beginning the process of raising interest rates going from 0.1% to 0.35% after a yearly inflation rise of 5.1%.

Former NZ National Leader Simon Bridges formerly resigned as a member of parliament The Rotorua local government voting segregation bill has been sunk by Attorney-General David Parker. Parker has also made Speaker Trevor Mallard back down on trespass notices he gave former MPs who participated in the convoy protesters which would have banned them from the Parliament.

Labor Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese has had another gaffe forgetting his own 6-point plan. Post his covid isolation Albo is accompanied everywhere by a Shadow Minister to help him answer questions. At Labor’s campaign launch Albo announced their housing policy where the government will own 40% of your home. There will be two further leaders debates on 9 and 7.

There will be two further leaders’ debates on 9 and 7. Early voting starts on Monday with the United Australia Party preferencing the Coalition One Nation preferencing Queensland LNP but against Liberal moderates. Fiona Patten is butthurt Victorian Labor has placed her Reason Party below Liberal Democrats and Derryn Hinch Justice Party on their Senate how to vote card. Victorians Greens Senator Lidia Thorpe has failed herself abusing Victoria Police officers outside a Broadmeadows detention facility where illegal immigrants were being transferred to Christmas Island. Democracy Alliance leader Drew Pavlou was in Melbourne this week with a billboard against Liberal MP Gladys Liu and he is being sued by Nick Xenophon over billboards mentioning his Huawei lobbying.

Jacinda Ardern has labeled chemical company CEO Simon Henry misogynistic for criticizing My Food Bag Chef Nadia Lim calling a photo of her in her prospectus calling it”Eurasian fluff” and blaming her “cleavage” for the company’s poor performance.

In Victorian news, the Andrews Government’s poor investments in the health system during their time in office are being exposed. State Treasurer Tim Pallas has promised an extra $12 billion for the health system in this year’s budget however they have delivered 0 of 10 community hospitals they promised at the 2018 election and the $1.3 billion promised for 4000 extra ICU beds at the beginning of the pandemic is unaccounted for. It has been revealed Dan Andrews has been secretly questioned by IBAC again, this time over the John Woodman property scandal.

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