Flu Making an Australian Comeback in 2023

Flu is making a comeback in Australia in 2023 with over 15,000 influenza diagnoses recorded nationwide this year with over 6,600 diagnosed in March. Flu was at record low levels in Australia during 2020 and 21 with lockdowns, social distancing and border closures resulting in the latest seasonal influenza strains not making it to our shores.

In 2022 with Australia’s international borders reopened and the dismantling of covid restrictions there were around 225,000 influenza cases diagnosed nationwide with 308 people dying with it. 2023’s recorded influenza numbers are already 24 times higher than they were at this time last year. The actual number of flu cases could be much higher since many Australians do not seek a clinical diagnosis or test if they suspect they have the flu.

As a result, the mainstream media along with their go-to medical experts are urging Australians to book in at either their local GP or pharmacy for a flu vaccine. The flu vaccine is free for seniors and children under 5, for all other Australians, the cost is around $20. Experts deny that you can get sick with the flu from the flu vaccine.

Given the Federal Government is this weekend rolling out its latest covid-19 vaccine booster campaign urging Australians who haven’t had a covid vaccine or covid for 6 months to get another shot another vaccine drive is likely to contribute further to vaccine fatigue in the community.

in every state and territory but so far it is not turning into a wave. But you can guarantee with winter approaching you will see more mainstream media reports about fears of a possible twindemic of covid and flu threatening our health system along with messaging getting the recommended jabs along with another mask push.

Who knew that flu would eventually return after we were all forced to hibernate for two years and there would be an immunity debt to viruses like the flu?

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