Grooming is Bipartisan in Victoria

The latest Alphabet day on the calendar IDAHOBIT Day (The International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia) demonstrated that grooming is a bipartisan policy in Victoria. Despite enormous community backlash against drag queen storytimes aimed at young children which saw 11 such events cancelled across Victoria Dan Andrews decided he would arrange a secret drag queen storytime in Victoria’s Parliament House.

Dan Andrews recorded an IDAHOBIT Day message on his social media declaring that equality is not negotiable in Victoria. (Victorians who were discriminated against for choosing not to take any covid jabs their equality was negotiable).

Despite Victoria almost being broke with Dan Andrews set to announce significant infrastructure budget cuts next week he still found $1.8 million of borrowed money to give to Rainbow Health Australia to deliver so-called inclusion training to make organisations “safe” for the LGBTIQ+ community.

Dan Andrews and his Labor Government are all in on the groomer agenda and are planning to outlaw all opposition by expanding Victoria vilification laws to cover gender identity and sexuality where those deemed guilty of so-called vilification can be imprisoned for up to six 6 months.

But what we saw from the Victorian Liberal Opposition on IDAHOBIT Day was not a promise to protect children or free speech in Victoria but instead say how upset they were that Dan Andrews didn’t invite them to drag queen storytime in the Parliament.

Opposition Leader John Pesutto told the media when asked about the event “Had I had the opportunity to know about it, I would have gone up and said hello. It’s their [the drag performers] house. It’s everybody’s house. I love everybody. And this is everybody’s house. Everybody should feel welcome in the Victorian parliament.”

The Victorian Liberals Equality spokesman James Newbury said “Daniel Andrews needs to stop playing politics with IDAHOBIT, as it belittles the importance of equality and ensuring that all Victorians feel respected, included and loved”. On Twitter Newbury told Victorians to stand up and be an ally and that Liberal Victoria was against Rainbow Discrimination. He turned off the replies.

Deputy Victorian Liberal Leader David Southwick also released an IDAHOBIT Day message and graphic on Twitter, again with the replies turned off.

So despite the Victorian community over recent weeks making their voices heard that they don’t want drag queens who are adult entertainers reading to children the political duopoly in this state has decided they don’t care what the community wants and in fact plans to silence them in order to protect and promote the groomer push.

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