SBS – The Channel of Evil

SBS isn’t just an innocent radio and TV station. It was created specifically to encourage foreigners to move here. It’s like ABC but for non-English speakers. The government started it when they got rid of the White Australia Policy. At some point in the past, the people who control our government(leftists) decided to open Australia up to immigration from all over the world. To encourage people to come here they made the immigration process easier, offered cheap travel tickets, cut out British themes from the nation, increased Aboriginal themes, paid for ethnic churches, created radio/TV stations for foreigners and made inclusive brainwashing videos like this one below to change societies idea of who Australians are. Check it out, it’s disgusting:

The foreigners that first started coming here were Italians and Greeks. They were not too different from us, that’s why they were chosen as the first people to come here, once we got used to them the leftists increased the differentness of the people. More and more ethnic and different they became. This was all intentional, now today we have people from all over the world moving here, even places like Nigeria and the Philippines. These leftists are clever, if they outright started bringing Africans here in the 1950s (they have high crime rates) the people would have chucked fits, so they had to go about it sneakily and gradually.

SBS serves as an entertainment service for these new “Australians”. They specifically chose ethnic-looking people to present shows. Check out TV nowadays and all channels specifically choose ethnic-looking people, what the?

So every channel has become like an SBS, that’s how far in this open borders program we have gone. This program has destroyed Australia’s first-world status (we really are a second-world country now) it’s lowered our living standard, created a chaotic society, boomed hatred for Australia and the government, boomed our crime rates, caused massive property inflation and ruined the warm safe Australiana vibe we once had. Interestingly enough this increase in foreigners has boomed the left movement, as they tend to vote for lefty parties. So today if you are wondering why the government is so lefty, one major reason for that is that foreigners have voted in all these leftists. Yes, the local white original Australians tend not to vote for disgraceful politicians like Dan Andrews.

Compare Australia to Japan and you’l be shocked at the difference in harmony. Japan has not flooded itself with foreigners and Tokyo is the worlds biggest city yet is peaceful and not crowded. Things work well. Only tiny amounts of ethnic peoples can slip into a country and not cause problems. In large amounts they cause problems because they dont know the customs, rules, laws of the nation.

For example we have Muslims coming here who engage in what we consider legally to be pedophilia! Underage marriage, just look into it,15 year olds getting married. They also marry cousins which should be illegal as it produces genetically retarded offspring. Offspring which will end up milking government welfare for the rest of their lives, not to mention the fact that many of these foreigners come here and go straight onto welfare, that’s another little treat which the leftist government gives out that encourages them to all move here. They don’t care about Australia, they see the government as something to take advantage of.

There are also government funded businesses which these foreigners create, like fitting energy efficient light bulbs in homes or childcare centres etc. These gov businesses are borderline scams and only exist because the gov is funneling tons of money at them. So when you see a Sudanese driving a Maserati remember they got rich not from starting legit businesses themselves but from ripping off the Australian government. Also we’ve been building tons of houses these past twenty years, look new houses are everywhere, yet there still isn’t enough homes because foreigners are occupying them. The locals can’t find an affordable place to live in their own country.

The government isn’t the problem, the leftist in it are. Our leftist occupied government must be stopped with its radical open borders program. The wrong thing to do is nothing. Remember that, any effort is appreciated as long as it’s not nothing. The easiest thing to do is to shun leftists, treat leftists like they are pedophiles. And in my opinion I think leftists are far worse. Would you rather a kid get raped or a whole nation? So treat leftists accordingly and we can fix this. And yes I am suggesting that leftists should be jailed. Their illogicalness is dangerous to our society. Like them supporting wind farms which use up more electricity than they produce, what a scam!

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