The Australian Toilet Paper Panic

In this episode of the Report, Richard begins by trying to explain how the fears of the coronavirus has resulted in the Australian toilet paper panic in our supermarkets.

The building on his previous report on the coronavirus Richard comments if the virus is by design or evolution. Is it another plot by the globalists or simply an uncontrollable biological phenomenon.

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Is Melbourne Still an Australian City?

After famous English actor and comedian John Cleese came out and stated that “London is no longer an English city,” the backlash prompted many videos offering proof that he was right. However these videos were solely focused on London and did not talk about any other city.

In this episode of The Report From Tiger Mountain, Richard examines Melbourne, Australia’s “multicultural” hub and deciding whether it is still in fact an Australian city.

Interview with Senator Anning in Wake of New Zealand Massacre

Richard Wolstencroft sits down with Senator Fraser Anning in the wake of the New Zealand mosque shooting. Senator Anning has been subject to worldwide criticism for his comments following the incident which occurred last Friday in the city of Christchurch. In this interview, he attempts to justify those comments. What do you think of Senator Anning’s comments? Do you think they are justified?

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