Liberal Choas: Moria Deeming Expelled from Partyroom

The Victorian Liberal Partyroom has voted to expel Moira Deeming and remove Renee Heath as the Partyroom Secretary. It was the second expulsion motion put forward against Moira Deeming in less than two months.

The first motion was put forward on March 27 by state leader John Pesutto and his leadership team as a response to Deeming attending the Let Women Speak Rally in Melbourne on March 18 which the National Socialist Network also attended. Deeming was suspended from the Liberal Partyroom for 9 months at that meeting.

The second expulsion motion against Moira Deeming was brought in response to negotiations breaking down over the terms of her 9-month suspension. Deeming sent an email to Liberal MPs last Thursday informing them she would launch a legal challenge to her suspension. Following that email last Friday the second expulsion motion was sponsored no

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