SBS – The Channel of Evil

SBS isn’t just an innocent radio and TV station. It was created specifically to encourage foreigners to move here. It’s like ABC but for non-English speakers. The government started it when they got rid of the White Australia Policy. At some point in the past, the people who control our government(leftists) decided to open Australia up to immigration from all over the world. To encourage people to come here they made the immigration process easier, offered cheap travel tickets, cut out British themes from the nation, increased Aboriginal themes, paid for ethnic churches, created radio/TV stations for foreigners and made inclusive brainwashing videos like this one below to change societies idea of who Australians are. Check it out, it’s disgusting:

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Is Melbourne Still an Australian City?

After famous English actor and comedian John Cleese came out and stated that “London is no longer an English city,” the backlash prompted many videos offering proof that he was right. However these videos were solely focused on London and did not talk about any other city.

In this episode of The Report From Tiger Mountain, Richard examines Melbourne, Australia’s “multicultural” hub and deciding whether it is still in fact an Australian city.

Is London still an English City? The Report from Tiger Mountain

Famed British Comedian John Cleese came under fire recently for his observation that London was no longer an English city. In this episode Richard Wolstencroft explains London’s post World War II transformation as the English capital of demographic change with constant waves immigration and enforced multiculturalism.