From Covid to Riots

In this episode of the Report, the first recorded in three weeks Richard explores how we went from the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown to race riots and the global resurgence of the black lives matter movement. Richard speculates about what agendas are at play in this sudden switch in crises.

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Melbourne Underground Film Festival
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The Gates of Hell

In this episode of the Report from coronavirus lockdown Richard gives Microsft founder and recently retired board member Bill Gates a spray.

After making his billions through Microsoft monopolising the computer software industry he has spent most of his time running the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The foundation is most notable for its vaccine programs in the third world and past warnings about future global pandemics.

Richard Wolsten

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The Full Catastrophe of Covid 19

This episode of the report is first recorded remotely from Richard’s home study during Australia’s coronavirus lockdown. Richard explores the full economic and social catastrophe of Covid 19, including how the exact cause of the outbreak is still yet to be pinpointed, is Covid as deadly as we’ve been told, who is benefiting and losing from the outbreak, and what will our world look like once the pandemic is over?

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