We Are Ready Frankston Unites Awake Locals

We Are Ready was a worldwide event in 200 locations on Saturday 20th May 2023 to declare to the globalist elite who were gathering in Lisbon, Portugal for the Bilderberg Club meeting “We are many, we are United, and We are Ready”.

One of the We Are Ready locations was at Frankston Foreshore in Melbourne’s south. Frankston now has a vibrant hub for awake locals thanks to MyPlace Frankston founded by Darren Bergwerf in 2021 which now has 150 chapters nationwide. The growth of MyPlace has seen the community organization the subject of mainstream media hit pieces with Darren and MyPlace members labelled sovereign citizens and conspiracy theorists.

The event was organised by wife and mother Rebecca Kimm and it was her first time organizing a public event on this scale. Members of Victoria Police were in attendance to keep the peace in case any Antifa agitator

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